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SLAVIC ROOTS GENEALOGY SERVICES is a service that will research your ancestors. Our area of expertise is researching Eastern Europe in the Old Austro-Hungarian Empire. This includes the countries of:
· Slovak Republic (Slovakia) also includes the Rusyn ethnic group
· Czech Republic (Czechy)
· Hungary
· Poland
· Ukraine
· Romania
· Jewish Immigrants of many of these countries
Our chief researcher is John Hudick who has over ten years experience researching in the Old Austro-Hungarian Empire area.

John is also the author of several publications:

· "Finding Your Ancestral Village in the Old Austro-Hungarian Empire."
A "How-To" book for finding the ancestral village where your ancestors originated.


· "Slovak Roots: Getting Started."

A popular article written a few years ago and available on the internet.

· "Finding Your Slavic Roots in the Old Austro-Hungarian Empire."
A second book in the process of being written. This is another "How-To" book on how to do research to develop your family tree.

SLAVIC ROOTS GENEALOGY SERVICES can provide the following services:
· Research American Census and Naturalization records to find your family tree in America.
· Research the Census of 1869 of Hungary.
· Research Ship Passenger Immigration records from various ports of arrival in America.
· Research Ellis Island Records on the Internet.
· Research various church records in the United States by correspondence with the pastor of that church.
· Make use of the extensive records of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, commonly known as the Mormon Church.
· Use the extensive resources of the Internet.
· Research records in Europe by correspondence with the National Archive Offices of the various countries.

If we research your family history we will:
· Enter your family history information into the Family Tree Maker software to create your database.
· Print a family tree diagram of your ancestors:
· Provide a Kinship Report or all the persons in the database
· Provide a Genealogy Report.
· Provide you with a CD ROM with the information recorded in Family Tree Maker format and in GEDCOM format.

· Since genealogy research has no guarantees, the total cost is up to you on how much you want to spend. It largely depends on how much information about your ancestors you can provide in the beginning and how difficult the research is.
· Our basic research is by an hourly charge plus the costs of ordering films, and other incidentals such as postage and mailing, copy costs, etc. Usually we like to start out with a four hour committment and a deposit of $120. After four hours you will be informed of the progress and some estimate of what is next. It is your choice on how far to continue.
· You can call or e-mail to discuss your situation.

 We also offer for sale the book, "Finding Your Ancestral Village in the Old Austro-Hungarian Empire."
A "How-To" book for finding the ancestral village where your ancestors originated.
CLICK HERE TO SEE. The price for this book is $18.00 postpaid.


You can reach us by e-mail: oregonjohn@oigp.net or john@slavicroots.com

John A. Hudick
385 Dexter Way
Grants Pass, Oregon 97527-9539
(541) 472-8585